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Equity Framework

Seven Principles of Equity Pedagogy

The ICUCARE equity framework grew out of my dissertation research (Seda 2008), where I applied design principles from the multicultural teacher education literature (Zeichner et al. 1998) specifically to the mathematics classroom.

This framework not only provides a starting place for what teachers can do to create more equitable mathematics classrooms, but also how to accomplish that goal. It provides a structure for the myriad of instructional decisions that must be made by teachers daily. 

Teachers using this framework are not expected to blindly follow a script but rather understand the reasoning behind each framework principle, so they can assess the efficacy of their own efforts as they implement each principle.

For more information, refer to my new book, Choosing to See: A Framework for Math Equity in the Classroom. Available now in our online store.


The principles of the ICUCARE equity framework are as follows:

ICUCARE Poster3.png

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Taken from: Seda, P., & Brown, K. (2021). Choosing to see: A framework for equity in the math classroom. Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.

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