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Seda Educational Consulting, LLC
Transforming Math Education through Equity and Excellence

Company Overview


Seda Educational Consulting, LLC was founded by Dr. Pamela Seda, co-author of Choosing to See: A Framework for Equity in the Math Classroom.  Dr. Seda is a qualified equity expert who has extensive experience in supporting equitable learning environments in diverse educational settings. She has been a high school mathematics teacher, instructional coach, college instructor, K-12 mathematics coordinator, and regular speaker about math equity at national conferences. Our company provides workshops, webinars, and coaching sessions on the effective implementation of the ICUCARE Equity Framework.  We are passionate about changing how students experience mathematics, especially those from marginalized groups, and advocate for mathematics instruction that develops all students as mathematical thinkers and problem-solvers.


What We Believe


We believe that equity only happens when educators focus their efforts on the things that matter most for student learning.  We believe:

  • Focusing on the big ideas in mathematics makes room for sensemaking activities, which in turn enhances retention for all students.

  • Equity should not be treated as an add-on, but central to effective teaching, and the ICUCARE framework is a guide for inclusive teaching and learning. 

  • Assessment, grading, discipline, intervention, and course placement practices must all be in alignment with equitable teaching practices in order to reach all students, as using structures designed to sort students can undermine efforts to create equity.

  • Schools are responsible for uncovering the brilliance of every student, since academic brilliance comes in all races, ethnicities, genders, and economic backgrounds.



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