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Seda Educational Consulting, LLC is a professional development service provider.  



We help districts develop plans that support school improvement by:

• Collecting data that matters most for student learning

• Conducting effective learning walks

• Writing effective mathematics action plans



We help schools develop structures that improve both teacher and student learning by:

• Providing educational products that support student engagement of the Standards for Mathematical Practice

• Providing teacher feedback that is specific, constructive, and empowering

• Developing highly effective teacher teams that answer the following questions:

1. What are the essential outcomes that we expect all students to learn in each unit?

2. What assessments will we use to determine if students have learned?

3. What sequence of activities will we use to engage our students in learning these


4. How will we intervene if students do not learn or learn more quickly than expected?


We provide mathematics professional development that empowers educators to change their practices by:

• Facilitating engaging, interactive workshops that model best practices

• Providing ongoing, job-embedded support through coaching

• Creating opportunities for continued learning through online resources


Meet the Owner
Pamela Seda, Ph.D.

Phone: 770-870-8202

Twitter: @pamseda1

I am passionate about changing the negative mathematical experiences of students who have not previously experienced mathematical success.  “Success” to me is not just simply passing a class, but rather being able to use mathematics as a tool to reason, analyze, communicate, and open doors of opportunity.

Too often mathematics has been taught in a manner where students cease to think on their own but rather memorize meaningless routines and procedures simply to pass a class. Rather than opening doors of opportunity, mathematical failure often leads to shattered dreams.  For me, the mathematics classroom was a place where I took great delight in making connections, reasoning, and analyzing mathematical ideas in an environment where I was valued, esteemed, and confident.  In other words, I not only felt “smart” in class, I was constantly told that by my teachers, classmates, and friends.

However, it did not take me very long to realize that many students did not share my positive experience with mathematics.  For too many students, mathematics class means confusion, failure, heartache, lack of confidence, and feeling like a “dummy.” I have become an educator because I want students to experience mathematics the way that I did—as something positive and empowering.

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