Changing how Students experience Math
through Professional Development and
products that support and model implementation of the
Principles of the ICUCARE Equity Framework
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We know how it feels,
to watch your child struggle with Math 
and not know how to help them.

We have a solution for you!

The VANG Game

The VANG Game was created to help students learn important math concepts in a fun, risk-free environment. 


  • Promotes Family Togetherness

  • Generates Positive Conversations about Math

  • Allows Self-Correcting, Reducing the Fear of making mistakes in Math

  • Addresses critical math concepts, laying the foundation for future success.

  • Prepare your student for future concepts and challenges. 

  • Seeing Math in different forms, help students gain a deeper understanding and retain concepts longer.

  • Be able to figure out answers, even in you forget some of the steps. 

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